The Pros of Invisalign

Invisalign is different from regular dental braces because its looks are non-obtrusive, although it provides the same outcome you would expect from conventional braces, and then some. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of using Invisalign!

Straight teeth without the hassle of bulky braces

Invisalign will help you get straight teeth and improve oral hygiene, but it doesn’t feel as bulky and invasive as regular braces. It is more seamless, and definitely more comfortable than other options on the market.

Fewer eating restrictions.

Regular braces might impose quite a few eating restrictions. However, this isn’t really a problem with Invisalign, due to its clever design and forward-thinking approach.

Easy removal.

Invisalign can be removed without the assistance of a professional, and it is incredibly easy to use safely.

Better oral hygiene.

Regular braces might be difficult to clean, due to food debris and bacteria getting stuck. However, Invisalign is much easier to clean and it leads to much better daily oral hygiene habits for users when compared to other dental alignment solutions on the market today.

Safer for gum health

Invisalign is much easier on the gums when compared to regular metal braces, which might expose you to the risk of cuts and bruises.