Invisalign® Offers Teens a Discreet and Convenient Orthodontic Treatment

Alignment problems are the cause of a great many dental concerns. Teeth that are overcrowded or misaligned can create discomfort, make oral functions difficult, and may be difficult to clean, increasing the risks of oral health problems. In addition, a crooked smile is far from the aesthetic ideal most have for their teeth. Still, despite the disadvantages of orthodontic problems, many patients, teens in particular, are reluctant to undergo orthodontic care. Why? Because braces affect the appearance of the smile, are difficult to care for, and can be uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, for our patients in Denver, Invisalign® Teen invisible braces offer a more comfortable and convenient treatment option.

What Is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is the most discreet, comfortable, and convenient orthodontic treatment available to patients. Known as the “invisible braces,” Invisalign® is pretty much impossible to detect against the teeth. Invisalign® is more discreet than traditional metal braces and even tooth-colored braces. Not only that, but Invisalign® is the only orthodontic treatment that is free of wires, brackets, and rubber bands. Invisalign® instead uses clear, plastic aligners. These aligners fit over the teeth much like a whitening tray would do, only with a much closer and comfortable fit. Throughout treatment, each patient progresses through a series of aligners that place subtle pressure on the teeth so that the optimal alignment can be achieved by the end of treatment.

What Results Can I Expect?

It may be hard to believe considering the significant difference between the treatment techniques, but Invisalign® aligners provide patients with results that are comparable to those of traditional braces. Any of the below concerns can be adequately addressed through Invisalign® treatment:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Twisted, turned, or warped teeth
  • An underbite or overbite

Using digital images and computer technology, each Invisalign® treatment is carefully planned out and monitored by Dr. Redford to ensure that the teeth shift into proper placement by the time Invisalign® treatment is complete.


We find that most of our patients prefer the comfort, convenience, and discreetness of Invisalign® treatment. However, the advantages that Invisalign® offers over traditional braces seems to appeal to teens especially. Many prefer Invisalign® Teen because of the following benefits:

  • Comfort: With Invisalign® aligners, teens no longer have to deal with the pain of gums or lips that have been scratched by metal brackets, the prickly feeling of metal wires, or the uncomfortable pull of rubber bands. Invisalign® aligners are a smooth plastic that fit comfortably and create no unwanted friction. Once in place, they are hardly detectable.
  • Convenience: It is very easy to care for Invisalign® aligners, making them an ideal choice for busy teens. The aligners are removed while eating, drinking, and caring for the teeth, making it very easy to keep the teeth and aligners clean. Because they are removable, teens are also free of food restrictions and can continue to enjoy the foods they love throughout treatment.
  • Discreetness: The teen years can be difficult as far as confidence and self-esteem go. Invisalign® treatment allows patients to straighten the teeth without any visible differences to the appearance of the smile. Many teens consider this a great benefit of Invisalign® treatment.

Schedule an Appointment

While Invisalign® is very popular among teens, this treatment is beneficial to patients of all ages. If you have alignment issues and are interested in an effective treatment that is comfortable and convenient, schedule an appointment to learn more about Invisalign®. Dr. David Redford looks forward to working with you!

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