Someone’s First Dentist Visit? Here’s What to Expect

The dentist industry’s worth $137.6 billion and for good reason. 7 billion people on the planet mean 7 billion tooth-filled mouths.

Whether you’re seeking a dentist for your kid or you’ve procrastinated your own visits, dentists are crucial for oral health.

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know nothing’s worse. Oral health impacts cardiovascular, blood, and bone health too. Don’t wait until you have a problem to address it, as it can have bigger repercussions.

The best form of care’s preventative care, starting with your first dentist visit. Here’s what you need to know about dental help.

First Dentist Visit

Congratulations! Believe it or not, your first dentist visit’s a major milestone. Whether you’re 2 or 32, seeing a dentist is more than dental care. It’s investing in long-term relationships—with the dentist as well as your health.

While age doesn’t often matter, it does for dentists. Your age dictates your teeth’s development, which can inform what kind of dentist to see.

Kids and Toddlers

Parents can struggle to know when’s the right time for their kids to see a dentist. The good news is children are quick-to-learn and can develop a positive relationship with dentists at a young age.

Parents have the opportunity to frame trips to the dentist as being fun and stress-free. Pediatric dentists are a good place to start, as they help build preventative oral practices.

They can show kids how to brush well and develop a healthy oral hygiene routine. Dentists for kids may have inviting offices with games and stickers too!

Youth’s the perfect time to impress upon kids the importance of caring for their teeth.

Teens and Adults

If you’ve never been to the dentist as an adult, you may have some dental anxiety. Dental anxiety’s a normal response to not knowing what dentist help looks like. There might also be shame or embarrassment, but there’s no need for it!

Fears are multi-factored. It’s hard to put off acute tooth concerns like cavities or gum infections. You and your teeth will be grateful for the relief.

The Truth About Dental Visits

The truth is that your first dentist visit’s no cause for panic. An initial assessment’s meant to build a working relationship and look at your current oral hygiene.

A first visit may entail the following.

  • An assessment of your teeth
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Intake around diet and hygienic routine
  • Dental X-rays

If you’re at the dentist on your kid’s behalf, it’s a good chance to ease your own dental anxiety! If you have any questions, ask a dentist. We’re here to help.

Doing Dentistry Right

First dentist visits are important steps in human development. From there, routine check-ups ensure optimal oral health for optimal wellness. There are everyday oral practices that can help your teeth stay clean, straight, and healthy.

Dentists are available for questions as big or small as getting braces to buying the right toothpaste. The cure to dental anxiety’s booking that first appointment!

It’s easy to feel better once you have answers. Contact us today to see how we can appease your dental needs!