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Do you want to dramatically enhance the beauty of your smile in a convenient, quick fashion? You can achieve the pearly white, radiant smile of your dreams by using teeth whitening treatments at University Dental Arts in Denver. This procedure will not only improve the aesthetic of your smile but it will give you a more confident, healthier-looking glow. Our team is dedicated to helping your smile reach its full potential, and by offering effective teeth whitening treatments, we can do just that!


Treatments That Work for Your Smile

Dr. David Redford, an esteemed and highly regarded cosmetic dentist in the Denver area, is proud to offer a variety of personalized solutions which will enhance the appearance of your smile and help you achieve your cosmetic goals. We offer several in-office and at-home treatments that will augment the whiteness and brightness of your gorgeous grin. The teeth whitening treatments that we perform in the convenience of our Downtown Denver dental facility take one hour or less to noticeably see improvements. We offer in-office whitening that utilizes the power of a cutting-edge laser to radically boost the effectiveness of the bleaching agent. Our team will formulate a treatment plan that targets the aspects of your smile you want to change and keeps in mind your oral well-being. Our desire is to give you a jaw dropping smile that looks natural and doesn't harm you health, rather it enhances it.

Whiten Your Teeth in the Convenience of Your Own Home

Although most at-home whitening treatments can prove to be more harmful than beneficial to your teeth, Dr. Redford offers custom-fit trays and medical grade teeth whitening supplies to patients who want to dramatically enhance their smile in the convenience of their own home. After performing a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums, our team will determine if you are a optimal candidate for Doctor supervised whitening treatments.

By taking digital images and impressions of your mouth our smile specialists can design trays that custom-fit your teeth, are comfortable to wear, and conform to your one-of-a-kind smile. The impressions will be sent off to an advanced dental laboratory, where the trays will be constructed. Once, our Downtown Denver office has received your teeth whitening trays, we will ask you to return to our facility for a fitting and detailed education lesson on how to properly perform the treatment in the most idealistic way.

Dr. Redford places emphasis on patient education because it can minimize the chance of risks and complications and optimize your outcome. We warn our patients that whitening may cause mild tooth and sensitivity and if administered to your gums, the likelihood of developing chemical burns around your gum line increases. Positive results will be visibly evident within five days of wearing the bleaching trays for an hour or less at a time. University Dental Arts also offers professional grade Crest Whitening Strips for patients who want to enhance their smile in a more, subtle manner.

Benefits of Whitening Treatment

Although teeth whitening will not improve the health of your teeth and gums, it is used with fluoride treatments and other cosmetic dentistry services for maximum satisfaction. Some of the benefits of teeth whitening that our patients from Cherry Creek, Lodo, and the greater Denver visibly recognize are:

  • Improved whiteness
  • More beautiful smile
  • Removal of harsh surface stains
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Quick procedure

Ideal Candidates

Teeth whitening can be incredibly effective at removing stains and improving the luster of your teeth, but the revolutionary treatment is not for everyone. We do not encourage women who are pregnant or children to use bleaching products. Ideal candidates for teeth whitening include patients who:

  • Have mild to moderate surface stains on their teeth due to drink, food, or prescription medication
  • Desire an improvement in the aesthetics of their smile
  • Want a whiter smile
  • Do not have restored teeth
  • Do not have sensitive teeth and gums

Contact Our Denver Office about Teeth Whitening Treatments

Are you ready to make the journey toward obtaining the smile of your dreams? If you are, contact University Dental Arts to schedule a consultation with one of our talented dental care professionals. By reaching us you are taking the first step in the right direction toward transforming your smile, and improving the way you feel!

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