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Man who has had his smile repaired with custom designed dental crowns and bridges An aesthetically sound and flawless-looking smile radiates beauty, confidence, and optimal oral health. At University Dental Arts our dental care specialists can restore your smile to new while improving or preserving the well-being of your gorgeous grin. We offer a wide variety of restorative dentistry options including custom crafted dental crowns and bridges to patients living in Denver who need help achieve the smile of their dreams. Dr. David Redford is known for his ability to formulate solutions for moderate to complex cases. Often, patients don't realize that their worn down, missing, or structurally damaged teeth can be easily repaired to fit in flawlessly with their existing teeth. Dental crowns and bridges offer additional support and protection for patients' teeth and can enhance the quality of your smile.

About Dental Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown is a protective, natural-looking shell that is designed to conform to your existing tooth or dental implants and engulf structural damage. Depending on the integrity of your existing tooth and your cosmetic goals for treatment, Dr. Redford will recommend using porcelain, zirconium, or gold to complete your dental restoration. Dental crowns are customized to fit your unique smile in fulfill your need for treatment. Dr. David Redford's eye for artistry is what helps him create an immaculate design for your one-of-a-kind dental crowns and bridges. Our Downtown Denver facility is uses only the safest materials and most advanced techniques to complete your restoration. In order to install a dental crown, the decayed or damaged portion of your tooth must be removed and the resulting structure must be refined. Dr. Redford uses digital imaging to assist him in the creation of your crown. Once the prosthetic has been crafted Dr. Redford can place your dental crown. The crown is bonded directly to the "stumped" tooth to provide additional support and needed protection for your smile.

Dental bridges bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Bridges are anchored by dental crowns or existing natural teeth and blend in perfectly with your smile. The prosthetic is made similarly to dental crowns and can be sculpted out of the same safe materials. A restoration involving dental crowns or bridges usually takes two to three dental visits to complete.

Qualified Candidates

Dental crown candidates are patients who are missing a single tooth or who have a tooth that has been structurally compromised by decay, infection, or trauma. Dental bridge candidates are patients who who have lost one or more teeth in a row. Dr. Redford will determine whether a patient is an implant-supported restoration or a traditional one.

Dr. Redford's ability to intricately detail every restoration leads to superior patient satisfaction and unparalleled, attractive results. The dental prosthetics not only shield your gums and formerly damaged teeth but they protect your existing teeth from further harm.

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